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At Chez Paul’s we offer you every day a generous and traditional bistro cuisine concocted from fresh products, carefully selected for their finesse and quality, grown with respect for the land, the people and the seasons.

Our Lunch set menu

Lunchtimes only from 12pm to 3pm. (Excluding weekends and holidays)

Starter + Main course or Main course + Dessert 18,00 €
Starter + Mains course + Dessert 21,00 €

Our lunch set menus and day’s suggestion vary on a daily basis depending on season and the market.
To discover them: take a look every day on our homepage!

The signature Menu



Hard-boiled organic eggs with homemade mayonnaise 6,50€
Charcuterie specialities mix 19,00€
6 x Burgundy snails with parsley butter and bread sticks 11,00€
Rosemary rabbit rillettes “homemade specialty” 9,50€
Duet of warm goat cheeses on roman salad (pork belly, pepper) 13,00€
Frisee with bacon and poached egg 12,00€
Leeks, vinaigrette 9,50€
Homemade half-cooked duck Foie Gras, pear in wine 25,00€
Homemade counrtyside terrine, Basque peppers 10,00€
Marrow bone, toasted bread and Guérande sea salt 14,00€
Herrings fillets marinated in oil, warm potatoes 9,50€
French onion soup gratinated with Morbier cheese 12,00€
Smoked trout from Pyrénées, lemon cream, toasts 16,00 €


Homemade duck confit with garlic potatoes 22,00€
Grilled beef rumsteak, bearnaise sauce, fried potatoes 18,50€
Steak Tartare « Homemade Specialty », fried potatoes, salad 21,00€
Pot-au-feu and marrow bone 19,00€
Veal’s head and its brain, gribiche sauce 19,00€
Fricassée of veal kidneys in Porto sauce, Paris’ mushrooms, Homemade butter mashed potatoes 22,00€
Rabbit leg stuffed with goat cheese and mint, braised endive 19,50€
Roasted beef rib, gratin dauphinois (2/3 pers.) 79,00€
Exclusive andouillette from the Bobosse deli, Bercy sauce, authentic fried potatoes 21,00€
Pepper Steak flambé with Cognac, butter and gratin dauphinois 25,00€
Lamb shoulder cooked for 8h and Garrigue’s flavors, tarbais beans, fried potatoes (2/3 pers.) 74,00€
Burger of the day, Bretzel bread, bearnaise sauce, knife french fries 19€
Vegetarian risotto with seasonal vegetables, salad 17,00€

Beef meats’ origins written on our board, ask your waiter


Grilled Atlantic sardines with Guérande salt, garlic gloves, seasonal vegetables 18,00€
Steam cod and supions a la plancha, candied vegetables 28,00€


Cantal, Brie de Meaux, Chèvre, Roquefort or St Nectaire fermier 8,00€
Plate of cheese 15,00€


Caramel cream 5,00€
Floating island, pink pralines and vanilla custard sauce 8,50€
The traditionnal Rum Baba with chantilly 11,00€
Spicy and vanilla pear in wine “homemade specialty” 9,00€
The famous caramelized Apple Tart Tatin with fresh cream 10,00€
Sherbet or Ice cream* « Gamme des Chefs » 3 balls : Vanilla, chocolate, lemon, blackcurrant, coffee, strawberry 3,00€
Chocolate charlotte with pink biscuits from Reims, custard sauce 9,00€
Generous homemade chocolate profiteroles, vanilla ice cream 11,00€
Vanilla Bourbon crème brûlée 9,50€
Gourmet Champagne* 16,00€
Gourmet coffee or tea* 9,00€

homemade except asterisks *


Taxes and services included, price in euro all taxes included.

Chez Paul – Non-stop service – Every day from 12pm to 1am – Booking recommended – (+33) 01 47 00 34 57 – 13 rue de Charonne 75011

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