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The family spirit that has animated us since 1900.

Ah! La Belle Époque!

The Paris of 1900, lively and rustling. Coal and lemonade. This is what we found at 13 Rue de Charonne rocked by the accordion notes that accompanied the laughter and counter tours after the coal tour.

Hospitality and sharing are the values that Mr. and Mrs. Paul wanted to transmit and offer to visitors when they inherited the place in the late 1940s. Friends or families, artists or anonymous, loyal or passing customers, from here or elsewhere: a table was always available for them.

Chez Paul: it’s a little bit of each other. A story of meetings and friendships, a mosaic of captured moments mixed with emotions, scents and flavours. Moreover, all you have to do is walk through one of the 4 rooms to be – in your turn – caught up in these testimonies of yesterday and today that this atypical setting has to offer.

As a successor to Mrs. Thiebaud, the Karrenbauer family has been carrying on this tradition since 1998, with this twist that characterizes it so well.

Discover the effervescence of the atmosphere from a real Parisian bistro


Generosity and taste in heritage.

Chez Paul restaurant Tradition

Enhance homemade cuisine experience
through selection

Chez Paul, we sincerely believe that THE quality of your plate begins in THE fields of our friends, breeders and farmers. Here, we do not play around with quality when it comes to treating you to a meal.

That is why we pay particular attention to the selection of our products, their production methods and those who make them.

On the menu

– Simple products – fresh and seasonal

                                 [but true]

– Recipes anchored in time,

– Requirement and homemade cuisine,

– Authenticity and friendliness.


A collective at work that will delight you

A link between tradition and modernity, this collective of about thirty characters meets and agrees every day to offer you a symphony of flavours at each service. With an eye on the past, an ear that listens to your needs, he works to shape the old to better connect with your desires of the moment.

From a gourmet to an unbridled feast, from the intimacy of a one-on-one professional lunch to exceptional tailor-made events: room and kitchen pool their talents and know-how, under the leadership of D. Karrenbauer and the attentive eye of the Chef, for your greatest satisfaction.


  • In the kitchen

    “A break in a hurried daily life, a comforting cuisine that is the heir to our French history and our land. We pay tribute to our culinary classics whose recipes are too often lost. A real wink to our grandmothers who, simmering good little dishes, always took care of the well-being of our gourmets and gourmet stomachs.

    Pierre R., Head of emotion and delicacy.”


    chez paul equipe v 07

  • Indoors

    “A smile on our lips, honest and warm is the welcome we offer you at Chez Paul. Always connected to your needs, we respond to your most particular requests. Let us guide you through the true sensorial and unpretentious journey that a break at Chez Paul provides. A “à la bonne franquette” atmosphere guaranteed, you feel at home and the arms of our big family are open to you every day!

    Valérie B., Big-hearted butler.”


    chez paul equipe v 02

  • Simple, true and sincere encounters

    “Through the generations, from father to son, from curious customers to regular customers, from friends who are breeders to fellow winegrowers, everyone is immersed in Chez Paul’s values, such as generosity and sharing, while adding their personal touch. We all write the story of Chez Paul contributing to the creation of moments of joy and simple and sincere encounters.

    Daniel K., Director of Chez Paul and an avid antique hunter.”


    chez paul equipe v 01

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