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Main Courses

Homemade duck confit with garlic potatoes 19,00€
Piece of beef (Rump steak) with its bearnaise sauce, fried potatoes 17,50€
Steak Tartare « Homemade Specialty », fried potatoes, salad 18,00€
Fricassée of veal kidneys in Porto sauce, melting potatoes 21,00€
Rabbit leg stuffed with goat cheese and mint, braised endive 18,50€
Entrecote, green pepper sauce, gratin dauphinois 26,00€
Roasted beef rib, gratin dauphinois (2 prs.) 62,00€
Veal’s Head, Gribiche sauce, vegetables 18,00€
Pot au feu (beef stew) 18,00€
Andouillette AAAAA with purple mustard 18,00€
Pepper Steak flambé with Cognac, butter and gratin dauphinois 21,00€
The Saint Antoine’s temptation (breaded and grilled foot, snout, ear and pig’s tail) 27,00€
Melting lamb shoulder with garlic, Tarbes beans and stuffed Paris mushrooms (2 prs.) 58,00€
The vegetarian dish of the day 13,00€

Beef meats’ origins written on our board, ask your waiter


Grilled Atlantic sardines with Guérande salt, garlic cloves, ratatouille 17,00€
Slightly salted cod fillet with aioli, mixed vegetables of the day 22,00€
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