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Caramel cream 5,00€
Floating island, pink pralines and vanilla custard sauce 9,00€
The traditionnal Rum Baba with chantilly 11,00€
Spicy and vanilla pear in wine “homemade specialty” 9,00€
The famous caramelized Apple Tart Tatin with fresh cream 10,00€
Sherbet or Ice cream* « Gamme des Chefs » 3 balls : Vanilla, chocolate, lemon, blackcurrant, coffee, strawberry 3,00€
Chocolate charlotte with pink biscuits from Reims, custard sauce 9,00€
Generous homemade chocolate profiteroles, vanilla ice cream 11,00€
Vanilla Bourbon crème brûlée 9,50€
Gourmet coffee or tea* 9,00€

homemade except asterisks *

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